In March 2019, the Beat Hotel followed the footsteps of the Beats to Morocco, for a four-day festival in Marrakech. Set in a 27-acre boutique resort, the Beat Hotel Marrakech brought a long weekend of live music, DJs, one-off culinary collaborations and a talks programme featuring some of today’s great minds and voices.

a new festival from the creators of the beat hotel at glastonbury

wild times call for wild pleasures

The unique setting, framed with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, saw the first Marrakech edition come to life with sunset live shows, daytime poolside sessions, and late night house parties.


The Beat Hotel – From Paris to Glastonbury

the history

The original Beat Hotel was a small, run-down “class 13” hotel in the Latin Quarter of Paris, gaining fame as the home of the extended family of Beat writers and artists who stayed there in the late 1950s and early ’60s. Hot water was only available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, its rooms had windows facing an internal stairwell, and the linen was only changed once a month – if you were lucky. Freed from the conservative morals of 1950s America, the Beats – William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and their many friends and collaborators – made it a hothouse of creativity.

The New Beat Hotel – Marrakech

feelings check in but they never check out

Taking inspiration from its namesake, and acting as a welcoming sanctuary for anyone who stumbled inside, The Beat Hotel opened its doors at Glastonbury Festival (UK) in 2011. Described by one patron as “a fully-furnished freak-zone”, the venue spoon became a regular fixture, serving up an extensive drinks list, a round-the-clock DJ line-up, and food by a rolling roster of leading chefs.