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by The Front Desk

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Beat Hotel Marrakech is a cashless festival. Every ticket holder will have a wristband, which contains an RFID payment chip. Ahead of the festival, your personal account can be charged up online with the amount of money that you plan to spend. Then, when you get to the event, we will exchange your festival ticket for a wristband, which will contain any funds added beforehand. You can then use your wristband to make purchases at any bar, shop or food outlet inside the festival site.

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At the end of the festival we will automatically process a refund to your registered card details of any balance left on your wristbands, provided it was added online through your personal account here.

The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). At the time of posting, the exchange rate was 1EUR = 10.86MAD or 1GBP = 12.48MAD. Our onsite virtual currency is the Dirham.

We have fixed the exchange rate at 1GBP = 12.5 Dirhams which means when you charge your personal account with funds online, you know exactly how much you are topping up. It also means after the festival when we automatically refund any balance, you know what to expect back.

Using cashless on site is easy and if you enable “Automated Top-ups” you can top up as you go at the bars on site. Alternatively, you can also top up onsite using local currency or credit card payment

You can find out more about how cashless works in our FAQ’s below, and you can also top up onsite using local currency or credit card payment.

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