Postponement due to Coronavirus

by Front Desk

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It’s with a heavy heart and much reluctance that we announce this year’s Beat Hotel Marrakech (19-22 March 2020) will be postponed, following the decision of the Moroccan Government on Thursday 5th March to ban events over 1000 people, due to the escalation of COVID-19 coronavirus.   


We feel deeply sorry for all our guests who had been looking forward to the festival, especially those who paid for travel and accommodation on top of tickets. To not be able to deliver the event you all bought into, and that we have been working on since April 2019, is devastating for everyone. We’re acutely aware of this disappointment, and shared sense of injustice, and are continuing to work with artists and all of our partners to find the best possible way through the situation.


Having considered various dates for postponement in 2020, and taking into account the ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus, we have decided to host the next Beat Hotel Marrakech on  25-28 March 2021.  All ticket holders will be able to transfer their ticket for the 2021 event, and we have sent instructions about how to do this.  If you haven’t received an email from us, but should have, please contact us at the below email address.  In addition, we’ll be sending ticket holders a discount code, with which they will have the option to buy an extra ticket for half price.   


We understand that some guests may want a full refund for their ticket and we wanted to take the opportunity to be totally transparent about the realities of the situation.  


We work all year round to plan a safe event; liaising with Moroccan authorities and putting together a detailed event plan that safeguards the wellbeing of our guests, staff and performers. We also take out event cancellation insurance meaning that, should the festival be affected by such things as adverse weather or terrorism, we would be able to responsibly cancel, and refund our guests.  In the case of coronavirus, and the Moroccan Government’s blanket ban on mass gatherings, event cancellation is not covered.


The fall-out of all this, is a bizarre situation in which we are unable to go ahead with the event due to a government ruling, and unable to make an insurance claim that would allow us to refund our ticket holders.  By transferring your tickets to next year, we hope to be able to deliver the event that we promised, and more.


We know there will be a lot of questions, and we’re here to talk to anyone with the aim of helping everyone as much as we can, but we have started by answering some of the points we believe to be priorities below. If you have any other questions, please email us at and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


We’d like to thank all of our partners and friends who have worked with us over the last year to deliver what promised to be a bigger and better event than our first edition.  


Beat Hotel Management x




Why is the event cancelled?

To contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, the Moroccan Government has put in place a temporary ban on events and festivals over 1000 people, and those with international attendees, until further notice (implemented on Thursday 5th March 2020).  


Can I get a refund on my festival ticket?

The event will be rescheduled for 25-28th March 2021 in the same venue.  All ticket holders will be eligible to exchange their tickets for next year’s event.  We have sent information to all ticket holders about how to transfer your ticket. If you have purchased a ticket and accomodation package through Festicket please contact their customer services in the first instance to discuss your booking.  You can contact them via


Can I change my accommodation booking for the rescheduled event?

If you booked your accommodation independently, you will need to check with your accommodation provider as to what the options are for amending or cancelling your booking.


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