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Further to recent announcements, the Moroccan government has decided to suspend all international air routes to and from the country until further notice.  Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the decision in a press release on Sunday March 15, as a preventative measure to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus.

If you were intending to still travel to Morocco this week, we advise you liaise with your chosen airline about refunding or rescheduling your flights.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the customers who have contacted us to transfer their tickets to next year’s event, taking place 25-28th March 2021.  To confirm your place, simply forward your original ticket(s) to 2021@beat-hotel.com.

If you have any questions, please email us at hello@beat-hotel.com and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

BH x

This statement supersedes the one made on Thursday 5th March (which you can read here), announcing the postponement of the Beat Hotel Marrakech following the Moroccan Government’s ban on mass gatherings due to COVID-19 coronavirus.

We’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we’ve received over the last few days.  What has, at times, felt like a nightmare for all involved, has been made more bearable thanks to the kind words and understanding from guests, artists and friends.  It really means a lot to us.

We feel deeply sorry for all our guests who had been looking forward to the festival, especially those who paid for travel and accommodation on top of tickets.  To not be able to deliver the event you all bought into, and that we have been working on since April 2019, is devastating for everyone. We’re acutely aware of this disappointment, and the shared sense of injustice, and are continuing to work with artists and all of our partners to find the best possible way through the situation.

Having considered various dates for postponement in 2020, and taking into account the ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus, it would seem our only viable option is to host the next Beat Hotel Marrakech on  25-28 March 2021.  We have now contacted all ticket holders to notify them of the course of action.  If you bought a ticket but haven’t received this email, please contact us on hello@beat-hotel.com

Beat Hotel Management X

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